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The Animatrix
sets the stage for
"The Matrix Reloaded."

The Animatrix is a nine-part series of short films based on “The Matrix” saga that sets a new standard for computer generated animation.
See the trailer

Some secrets we keep.
Some are kept from us.

Taken Screen Saver
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Taken Trailers

Taken sci-fi series offer to cellphone users via CBC. Receive text messaging updates on the ongoing series...
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Let There
Be Lightsabers...
Ep III definitively has the most light-saber action of any Star Wars film," he said. "The battles will be on an even larger scale." Read More

Chewbacca May Have a Crucial Role in Ep. III...The wookiee is yet another original-trilogy character to join the prequels.
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The Hulk It Ain't Easy Being Green!
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Two Towers' 'Spider-Man' Rock MTV Movie Awards...
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Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu's 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' Interview...
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Drew Barrymore's 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' Interview...
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
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The Witcher...
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Enter the Matrix
A four-platform comparison.
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Video-game channel has a blast in first year...
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Cyborg Evolution
is upon us.
In the near future humans will have brain implants connecting them to the vastly superior intellectual powers of computers.


The Oregon Giant Earthworm is a creature that can grow to three feet in length. The giant is pencil-thick and white and its spit smells like lilies. It has not been sighted since April 29, 1981.

Read "Digging for Giants"

Are there any still out there?
View the video

With the body of a hippo,the beak of a turtle and the tusks of a walrus, the Dicynodonts were mammal-like reptiles that dominated the Earth before the rise of the dinosaurs. They were thought to have died out around 220 million years ago yet it now appears that they may have survived the great dinosaur wipe-out probably triggered by a colossal asteroid impact.

Read all about the issue.

Dicynodonts are not dinosaurs - they are not even reptiles. Check out this 360 degree image of a Dicynodont skull.

The Sci-Fire Chronicles is published periodically by Macdow.com
Issue #1 - Summer 2003

Science News

In 2002 the largest number of separate events were recorded for a single year in the history of collecting UFO data for Canada. "We have some extraordinary cases in Canada last year reported literally from one end of the country to the other." Read more

UFOs are Saddam's secret
President Bush decided to attack Iraq because he was scared Saddam Hussein would use technology from an alien spaceship that crashed in Iraq in 1998. Read more

Are Aliens Among Us? Are Crop Circles Messages From Beyond?  Janet Boyer interviews Linda Pendleton who has written in a variety of genres about the phenomenom of Crop Circles..Read more

Explanation of sliming still remains hazy... "quite frankly, the alien theory is the only one that makes any sense. If anyone has a more earthbound explanation, I'd be happy to know about it," states writer Beth Quinn. Read More

Roswell Declassified...
Formerly secret files finally reveal the truth about the world's most famous UFO incident. Check them out for yourself!

Believers keep eye on Pine Bush sky...
Read more

Climate News

Cow's breath heating up atmosphere...
Is bad breath in cows is contributing to global warming? Chris Lackner explores the development of an additive to cattle feed that they hope will eliminate the 420 to 640 quarts of methane gas the average cow produces while breathing each day.
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Global warming faster than first thought? An international team of scientists have found continental shelves in wet tropics areas are releasing carbon as a greenhouse gas.
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Global warming makes planet greener....A jointly funded study by NASA and the US Department of Energy has found that climate change during the past two decades has had a beneficial effect on plant life by providing extra doses of water, heat and sunlight, and that the Earth is a far greener place as a result.
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News from Nasa

Debris spotted near space station. Astronaut Ed Lu, one of the station's two current tenants, noticed the small object drift past the window of the station's U.S. Destiny science laboratory module early Thursday.
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Infrared Vision Sees into Mars's Past...
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Almost as Flat as a Pancake...Vanessa Thomas considers the southern star "Achernar" - the flattest star ever measured.
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To Mars in six weeks using anti-matter...A University of Pennsylvania team's proposed craft will use antimatter as a power source for conventional on-board rockets. Antimatter is the most expensive-to-obtain substance on earth costing an estimated $62.5 trillion a gram.
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Asteroid News

Fireball in the sky captures attention...
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Second mass extinction linked to impact...380 million year old ago debris from a cataclysmic explosion have been discovered. The sediment has unusual magnetic properties, and contains grains of quartz that seem to have experienced extreme stresses.
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New Robotic Telescopes See and Think...If an asteroid is discovered tonight and found to be on a collision course with Earth, you may have a robot to thank for the warning. If a star blinks for a nanosecond, you won't notice it, but a robot might.
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An Asteroid Impact in 2880? Giant Waves and Coastal Devastation...
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When Meteors Fell Like Rain...
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