The premiere party for the world's tallest skyscraper catches fire due to poor wiring. A determined fire chief and an honorable architect fight the fire from the outside and the inside respectively. Meanwhile, the fire engulfs floor by floor of the skyscraper, while the owner of the building struggles to find safety for the trapped party. Only the captain and executive officer of the submarine Alaska and a psychiatrist sent to observe the reactions of the crew, know that they have been deliberately programmed to believe that they must fire the final missiles in a nuclear war the Russians have begun. Set sometime in the immediate future, this novel depicts an America whose airlines are paralyzed by terrorism and oil scarcities. Hence the urgency to complete the underground bullet train linking New York and Chicago which is forced to proceed on schedule at the expense of safety. at the same time a crazed worker is bent on sabotaging the project.

Strange bedfellows

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